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It's BACK!! Museum of Wellington City & Sea Sampler Season Live Lounge 

Enjoy live performances and refreshments. Pop by any day to see what Wellington’s yarn bombers have been up to and knit a few rows of our continuous scarf...

Find some brightly coloured wool and a pair of 5.5mm needles to knit this beanie. Clever knitters can tweak and embellish this pattern. All donations of beanies will be given to kids at Strathmore Community School.

2pm 9 September John Paul Young - CD release party

Former singer-songwriter-guitarist of celebrated Hamilton band The Clampers, JP has collaborated with a great variety of musicians. His albums Jilted (2006) and The Te Kuiti Underground(2009) comprise songs of murderous love, longing, lost folk heroes, and strange territories. Performed live, JP’s is the music of the multi-tasker:using a sampler, he layers and loops over prerecorded tracks with voice,  guitar, harmonica, and various eclectic instruments, to electrifying effect.

And now John Paul Young is releasing "Shark Attack".

Set to take Wellington by storm, this singer/songwriter is a master of guitar, voice and sampler. For his new CD, JP weaves historical and contemporary Wellington events into an 1852 shark attack.

Check out John Paul Young on BandCamp

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