Cult Wine Presents Smashable Feeds

Every Friday 9:15 am on the Breakfast Show

Smashable Feeds is Wellington’s only food and wine discovery show that seeks out artisan
producers doing things a little differently. Each week breakfast host Maggie Tweedie meets with
local food producers, restaurateurs and cafe owners to share stories and cooking hacks.
Proudly brought to you by Cult Wine, Celebrating diversity and authenticity in wine by supporting
artisan winegrowers and lo-fi wine.

Friday 20th April 2018

This week Maggie spoke to Good Boys in Newtown Good boys bring you delicious sandwiches in Newtown, Wellington. Offering vegan and non vegan food. Vibrant Vegan Sandwhich by Good Boys in Newtown To make the Mandarin Nuoc Cham -Mandarins -Palm Sugar -Rice Wine Vinegar -Lime Juice -Salt -Fresh Chilli (Equal parts to taste) Blitz these ingredients together […]


Friday 13th April 2018

This week Maggie spoke to James Whyte from Gramercy. Baker Gramercy brings you handcrafted breads, baked goods and superb coffee with impeccable service in Berhampore. Check out their Instagram @bakergramercy  Cultured Croissant Jules from Cult Wine recommends matching with a glass of Bouby-Legouge Champagne. Bouby-Legouge which is a grower Champagne which means that unlike the vast majority of […]


Friday 6th April 2018

This week Maggie spoke to George, Eillish and Keir, the adventurous crew behind foraged food collective Māhī. Māhī is a pop up restaurant with a minimalistic approach to food and a focus on quality local produce. Working within the seasons and collaborating with passionate suppliers to to create unique, delicious meals to be enjoyed in […]