Cancer is shit! It's especially shit when it's child cancer!!

But that doesn't stop kids with cancer being awesome... and it doesn't stop their familes being awesome either! So being people that like awesome, Felix Five has decided to get involved with the funrazor on the 9th of June down at the Southern Cross...

We talked to the boss, and he wanted to help too, so on the 9th of June, at 1pm will be broadcasting live from the Southern Cross... Felix will be joined by at least 48 other people who will be getting their heads shaved, to raise some money to help fight cancer!!

On average three children are diagnosed with cancer each week. New Zealand children with cancer collectively undergo an astounding 100,000 treatments and procedures each year.

So you are gonna help... you can join the crew of people getting thier lids shaved by registering... or donate to any of the people getting shaved! It's a good cause (obvioulsy) and it's gonna be a great day!!

To sponsor Felix Five click here

Or drop by the RadioActive office during business hours at 75 Ghuznee Street.

Think you can raise some money too? Well if ya email Scott Lancaster he'll get ya registered and give you everything you need to be awesome too!!

There's more info here

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