Going Global

Going Global

Going Global Music Summit is a multi-day event with music industry seminars, featuring international speakers, alongside showcases featuring new music from national artists.

The Summit takes place around NZ and hits Wellington on the 6th of September. It provides musicians, producers, composers, labels, promoters, industry professionals and fans a chance to perform, discuss, learn, teach, interact and argue in front of an audience of like minded peers in an environment that encourages the global exchange of ideas, techniques and trends.

If you are looking to take your music overseas, come and hear from people who are working with both new and established artists on the global stage.

The day starts out at the CQ Conference Centre, 213-223 Cuba St (it's free but you must RSVP to rsvp@nzmusic.org.nz) Here's what's going down on the day...

10:15am – 10.45am
Session A: Greg Vegas, Shawnté Salabert
Combination Session (30mins)
Greg Vegas - 15mins (The International Rescue and Cooperative Method)
Shawnté Salabert - 15mins (Sync Licensing 101)
11.00am – 12.00pm
Session B: Andrew Dubber, Lisa Hresko, Brooke Black, Rene Chambers moderated by Luke P (DISASTERADIO)
Social End Product - Being social, the changing habits of fans & ranking your priorities
The changing habits online, new ways of getting your music noticed - and then heard.
Making sure you are prioritising your online capabilities, not spending time and effort on a long-dead online property.
12.15pm – 1.00pm
Session C: Nick O'Byrne, Andrew Dubber, Mark Rogers
Combination Session (45mins)
Nick O'Byrne - 15mins (State of AUS Indies)
Andrew Dubber - 15mins (Music In The Digital Age)
Mark Rogers - 15mins (Getting Results From Here to There)
1.45pm- 2.45pm
Session D: Peter Jesperson, Nick O'Byrne, Shawnté Salabert, Rene Chambers, moderated by Matthew Daavis (FLYING NUN RECORDS)
New Pathways to Drive Catalogue - how well do new delivery systems serve the artists & labels with a catalogue; and is there significant market interest for older formats?
3.00pm – 4.00pm
Session E: Lisa Hresko, Cary Caldwell, Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton, moderated by Paul Shelly (RadioActive.fm)
The Magnetism of Showcases & Trade shows - how do they work?
Providing insight into how trade-shows function as a valued entry point for bands & labels to introduce or highlight their work to new markets & audiences.
Getting the best bang for your buck and the differing approaches for each market - USA / UK / Australia.
4.10pm– 5.10pm
Session F: Peter Jesperson, Greg Vegas, Brooke Black, moderated by Ben Howe (IMNZ / ARCH HILL RECORDINGS)
USA Indie Real Estate - the current state of USA as a market for touring/releasing bands & labels
A general seminar on the current state of USA and any pitfalls that may befall an offshore band

Then things continue into the night at the Mighty Mighty with Name UL, Matt Langley, The Eversons, Disasteradio and The All Seeing Hand

And at San Francisco Bath House with The Velvet Regime, Family Cactus, Sunken Seas, The Golden Awesome and Mountaineater

Thursday 6th September – WELLINGTON