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Activity Guide


Sister Corita's Summer of Love

Type: Art Exhibition
Venue: City Gallery
Date: Saturday, 23rd of Jul, 2016
Time: 10:00am
Price: Free entry. An exhibition by an unsung hero of pop art.
Season finishes: Sunday, 16th of Oct, 2016
Summary: Corita was a Roman Catholic nun who repurposed text from advertising and branding, road signs and pop songs, to create bright, bold screenprints that spread messages of joy, love and peace, protest and faith.

After Hours 5: Pablos Art Studios Staff Exhibition

Type: Art Exhibition
Venue: Roar! Gallery
Date: Friday, 8th of Jul, 2016
Time: 11:00am
Price: Free entry.
Season finishes: Saturday, 30th of Jul, 2016
Summary: Ever wondered what the Pablos team get up to After Hours? Prepare to be blown away at ROAR! gallery this month.

Alt Music Presents: Deep Days, Listening Nights

Type: Event
Venue: Pyramid Club
Date: Monday, 25th of Jul, 2016
Time: 5:00pm
Price: 3 days July 25th - 27th. Tickets from UTR.co.nz. Listening workshops, drum workshops and gigs.
Season finishes: Wednesday, 27th of Jul, 2016
Summary: An incredible line up of renowned sound artists including Jason Lescalleet (USA), Gerry Hemingway (USA/Switzerland) and Sarah Weaver (New York).

Up and Coming

Mi Casa Su Casa

Type: DJ House
Venue: Betty's
Date: Saturday, 30th o Jul, 2016
Time: 10:30pm
Price: Free entry. Your monthly house night with Vernon and Bastian.
Season Starts: Saturday, 30th o Jul, 2016

Liquid Assets 3

Type: DJ Drum'n'Bass
Venue: The Fat Angel
Date: Saturday, 30th o Jul, 2016
Time: 10:00pm
Price: Free entry. Bar open from 5pm. With DJs Fizik, Talisman, True Beaning, Jakab Stormage and Habit.
Season Starts: Saturday, 30th o Jul, 2016

Radio Active.fm Presents Ladi6 Alpha Sessions II

Type: Live Gig
Venue: Meow - 9 Edward Street
Date: Friday, 12th o Aug, 2016
Time: 9:00pm
Price: 2 nights 12th &13th. Tickets from Ladi6.nz. Ladi, Parks, Julien Dyne & Brandon Haru bring their studio to the stage.
Season Starts: Friday, 12th o Aug, 2016
Season finishes: Saturday, 13th o Aug, 2016

Fly My Pretties - String Theory (Last Show Added)

Type: Live Gig
Venue: Paramount Theatre
Date: Wednesday, 17th o Aug, 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Price: Pre-Purchase Waitlist is available now for tickets to the fifth and final show on Wednesday 17th August.
Season Starts: Wednesday, 17th o Aug, 2016
Season finishes: Saturday, 20th o Aug, 2016
Summary: String Theory will enlist a new 14-strong cast of FMP favourites and new faces to explore the fabric of our existence through music. Each show will be accompanied by breath-taking interactive visuals.