Indie Show w/ Shane 15-04-19

The Sleepers – the mind

Supreme Dicks – all that returns

New Sound Quartet – il bagatto

The Hand to Man Band – before our eyes arrived

Jean-François Gaël & Pierre Buffenoir – shayoun

Jean-François Gaël – lamdouk

Swirling Eddies – knee jerk

NSRD – karstvina recepte

Delphine Dora – honesty

Supreme Dicks – descension song

Clock DVA – we cast tall shadows

Bremen – a stumble not a fall

Jackson Scott – evie

Sylvester Anfang II – het zilte nat

Amen Dunes – lezzy head (burial)

Supreme Dicks – hyacinth girls

Afrocult Foundation – brothers and sisters

NSRD – sieviete ar casio

Braen, Raskovich – il covo

The Sleepers – los gatos

Bremen – sick city

Delphine Dora – the pythoness

Leafcutter John – beat

Cuasares – amalgama

Pacific 231 + Sub S Ritual – jazzy tragedy

Oldrich Janota, Vojtech Havlovi – dny zimy