[All vinyl Back Catalog hour]

Rhythm and Sound w/ Tikiman – Never Tell You
James Blake – Limit To Your Love
Joe Dukie and Dj Fitchie – Midnight Marauders (dub version) (NZ)
Glass Vaults – Calling (NZ)
Still Corners – I Wrote In Blood

AIR – Sexy Boy (Étienne De Crécy and The Flower Pistols Remix)
Wagon Christ – Lovely
Tex Pistol – Game Of Love
The B-52’s – 52 Girls
The Rolling Stones – Miss You
Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix Edit)

[End Back Catalog]

DJ Seinfeld – I See U
Brainwaltzera ‎ – Bewbull [Dusty_Pot Jam] Caramel Smooth Heaven – This
Die Wilde Jagd – Kreuzgang
Let’s Eat Grandma – Donnie Darko

Ross From Friends – Wear Me Down
Grant – Pleur


Qnete – Copa Copa
Lion’s Drums – Naa
Tony Wonka – Reid Speed

Kettenkarussell – Maybe
LT – Mesosphereross
Ross From Friends – The Beginning
Heathered Pearls – Under The Bridge (Baltra Remix)
Gnork – Yoga on E
Let’s Eat Grandma – Falling Into Me

Lump – Curse Of The Contemporary (Jata Remix)
Paul White – Spare Gold feat. Shungudzo
Fela Kuti – Lady
The Maghreban – Mr. Brown