2016-06-19 ZERO HOUR steve

SNOUTS – Holey Head
Shayne P Carter – We Will Rise Again
Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Going To Happen
Roger Eno & Kate St John – Song of Songs
Unni Menon & Chitra – Chandana Kurigamai
The Fall – Early Days Of Channel Fuehrer
Spirit – Life Has Just Begun
Spirit – Morning Will Come
Spirit – Soldier
Dave Black & The Digitator – The Electrickazoo Project W
June Tabor – Finisterre
The Creepers – Tearjerker
Sigur Ros – The Rains of Castamere
The Unthanks – Queen of Hearts
Hedvig – Sugar Daddy
Subheim – Neon
Carol Bean & Blair Latham – Moana Jane
Buddy Holly – Well… All Right
Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You
The Rock Of Travolta – Yolanda
The Rock Of Travolta – Giant Robo
The Rock Of Travolta – The Garnish
The Rock Of Travolta – I Love It When The Plan Comes Together
Oneohtrix Point Never – Sticky Drama
Hawkwind – Zarozinia
Popol Vuh – We Are Aware of the Misery
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington – Do Nuthin’ Until You Hear From Me
Bill Direen – 1,000,000 Hearts
Henderwood – Wild Daisies
The Phoenix Foundation – Gandalf