7-8pm (pre-Top 11) 11-10-2017 w Adam and Beena

7-8pm (pre-Top 11) on RadioActive.fm w Adam and Beena

Die! Die! Die! (NZ) – How Soon Is Too Soon (It’s Not Vintage, It’s Used)
Oathbreaker – 10:56 / Second Son of R
Salami Rose Joe Louis – I Miss You So
Fleet Foxes – Montezuma
Sleep – Aquarian
Alexa Casino (NZ) – Blu
New Age Leper (NZ) – Teach Me How To Love You
Brad Stank – Flirting in Space
Fleet Foxes – Third of May
Spook the Horses (NZ) – Lurch
Totems (NZ) – D.Bell
Stalker Heavy Metal (NZ) – Total Annihilation