7-8pm (Top 11 Show 1st Hour) 23-08-17 w Adam

Kane Strang – Hypochondria
HEX – Runes / Ruins
^ both are playing at Caroline this wkd. get amongst.

Disasteradio – Sweatshop
^ new album out. compulsory if you like synthpop.

Yoko-Zuna – January Sun

Chelsea Wolfe – Vex
^ awesome single from new album due out September

Earth Tongue – Portable Shrine
^ left their bandcamp logged in on the studio PC …lol

Strathcona Pl – Death Means
Depeche Mode – Where’s the Revolution

Meyhem Lauren – Aggressive Metal
^ video just came out

Love Deluxe – Cool Breeze Over the Mountains
Radiohead – I Promise
Louis Baker – Gave It All Away
^ all recentish releases

MF Doom feat. Sean Price (RIP) – Negus
^ Doom is dropping 15 songs over 15 weeks atm.

METZ – Mess Of Wires
^ brand new

Wax Chattels – Gillian
^ brand new track inspired by GILLIAN ANDERSON <3