9 – 10
Wiri Donna (NZ) – Wandering Willies
Reb Fountain (NZ) – Don’t You Know Who I Am
Bbygirl ft Imgui (NZ) – Brown Boy Magic
MYNN (NZ) – Spin Cycle
Paua (NZ) – Feel The Fire
Nebulus Slim (NZ) – These Rocks Are Dated
Hummucide (NZ) – Exothermic (Feat. Luca Sturny)
Earl Green (NZ) – This is a Goat Dream, this is a goat dream
Ilena (NZ) – Silver Tongue
Dei Hamo (NZ) – We Gon Ride
The Clean (NZ) – At the Bottom (Alternative Version)
Kariiiba (NZ) – 4 U (Get Spicy)
Comf (NZ) – Water 002

10 – 11
Intrinsic Natural Process (NZ) – Protocol
DJ8 (NZ) – Defective
Yukon Era (NZ) – Tongue
Recitals (NZ) – Tongue
The Chills (NZ) – Pink Frost
Avant Glass (NZ) – Bruised and Sweet
Ha The Unclear (NZ) – Strangers
LEISURE (NZ) – Got it Bad
Big Flip The Massive (NZ) – I Cheated On You Too
Aggress (NZ) – De/isparate
Ludus (NZ) – Next Thoughts
Kids of 88 (NZ) – My House
Connan Mockasin (NZ) – Faking Jazz Together
The Mint Chicks (NZ) – Welcome to Nowhere
Zo (NZ) – Origami