Amplifier w/ Graeme 13-05-16

10 to 11am
George Clinton – Martial Law (Smell My Finger)
Shilpa Ray – Colonel Mustard’
Seven Davis Jr – Church.
Chaka Khan and Rufus – Tell Me Something Good.
David Bowie – Breaking Glass.
Roberta Flack – Compared to What?
Dimmer – Crystalator.
The Holdsteady – Your Little Hoodrat Friend.
Garageland – Fingerpops.
James Pants – We’re Through.
Nina Simone – Love Me Or Leave Me.
Dave Brubeck – Balcony Rock.

11 to 12pm
Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up.
Juiceroof – Good For You.*
Space Above – Fall Through.*
Alt J – Every Other Freckle.
Doprah – Machinery.*
Lea Porcelain – Out Is In.*
MGMT – Kids.
Lontalius – It’s Not Love.
FLWZ – Free West Papua.*
Marlena Shaw – Woman of The Ghetto. (live)
The Clash – Bankrobber.
Goat – I Sing In Silence.*
Tuneyards – Water Fountain.
Oyawa – Heads on Fire.*

12 to 1pm.
Team Dynamite – Beam Me Up.*
Radiohead – Burn The Witch.
Kilara – Hang Up The Phone.*
Kariiba – PAYE.*
Electric Wire Hustle – Buy Some Land, Put A House On It.
Major Lazer – Get Free.
Brockaflower – Where Are You Now?
Duke Ellington/Paul Gonsalves – Diminuendo’
Gil Scott Heron -Whitey’s On The Moon (munk mix)