Cosmic Force – Trinidad Bump
AURA ft Denise Happur – G.I.Wonder*
Lucy Darcus – Next Of Kin
Olmecha Supreme – Flying High*
Nickodemus – Rhythm Love Reprise
community notices; Dam Funk – 10 West
RTI Vibration – Chaos Theory*
Makeness – Stepping Out Of Sync
Iva Lamkum – Daggers*
The Scull Eclipse ft Baba Maraire & Felicia Douglas – Pillars
Breton – December (Funkeven rmx)

interview with Harmon Leon for ‘Harmon Leon Infiltrates Trump America @ Cavern Club for Fringe 2018

Transistor – All You Remember
Meklit – Memories Of The Future
Destroyer – Stay Lost

interview with Kelvin Aris

-The Vault-
Bad Energy – Third Eye*

Groeni – The Pharmacist*
Estere – Rent*
The Breeders – Nervous Way
Richard Dada – Rose Quartz*
General Vibe – Nectarines
activity guide (with Red Bird Jr); Will Sessions – various
Boycrush ft Chelsea Jade – Holy Water*
Scott Mannion – You Are The SAubstance
Radioactive Man – Sonic Portal*