Amplifier 19/4/18

The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Strange Games And Things
Superorganism – Night Time (NZ)
Seinabo Sey – I Owe You Nothing
Suuns – Make It Real
The Herbaliser – Moon Sequence
The Roots – The Next Movement
community notices; Donald Byrd – Blackjack
Dyalla feat. Andrew Applepie – Sorry (NZ)
Myele Manzanza ft Mara TK – 7 Bar Thing (NZ)
Carnivorous Plant Society – Don’t Go Outside (NZ)
Lanz – Auckland
De La Soul – Pain (Rhythm Scholar Heart Attack rmx)

Ha the Unclear – Wallace Line (NZ)
The B-52’s – Rock Lobster
Shapeshifter – Stars (NZ)
Death Grips – Billy Not Really
Hinds – The Club
Serpentwithfeet – Bless Ur Heart
Jah Mason – Fire
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard
Groeni – The Pharmacist (NZ)
Ruby Velle And The Soulphonics – Call Out My Name

-The Vault-
The Brunettes – Listen To The Cricket Sound (NZ) (1998)

Lake South – I Live Here Now (NZ)

Rob Base + DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two
David Bowie – Heroes
Junior Murvin – Workin’ InThe Cornfield
Maggie Thrett – Soupy
Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders – Feel Brand New
The Nudge – Shook Me (NZ)
The Budos Band – Rite Of The Ancients
activity guide; Scientist – various dubs
Thought Creature – Talk In Tounges (NZ)
Brazilian Girls – Pirates
Lawrence Arabia w Tiny Ruins – Everything’s Minimal (NZ)
Hawaiian Maiden – Going Home With A Skivvy (NZ)