Amplifier 20/9/18

DJ Shadow – Lost And Found
French Concession – Empress (NZ)
Finn Johansson – Love Bomb (NZ)
Prince – Lady Cab Driver
community notices; Grover Washington Jr – Knucklehead
Beach House – Drunk In L.A.
The All Seeing Hand – Royal Oil (NZ)
Gill Scott Heron – The Bottle (Yosaku + DJ Day)
Lawrence Arabia – Meaningless Words (NZ)
Zuke – The Portal (NZ)

interview with Nikita Tu-Bryant & Ed Zucollo for Flite single release @ SanFan

Flite – Try To Find Away (NZ)
Psychic Rites – Molecular Curse
Dub Boy – Jump Around (Leftside/Shaggy mash)
Ben Woods – Lozenge (NZ)
Girlboss – Body Con (LANDR Date Nite mix) (NZ)
The Tornados – Telstar
Princess Chelsea – Wasting Time (NZ)
Boogie Down Productions – My Philisophy

-The Vault-
Pine – Speeding (2001) (NZ)

HIGH HØØPS – Steady Rolling (NZ)
Ounce – Satan II (NZ)
Donny Hathaway – A Lot Of Soul
UR – Electric Warfare
High Beams (Illbaz, Raiza Biza, Melodownz) ft High Hoops – Red Wine (NZ)
Curtis Harding – Keep On Shining
activity guide; Duff Disco -various
Lonnie Holley – Sometimes I Wanna Dance
Conner Youngblood – Pizza Body
Early Sans – Wring Me When I’m Wet (NZ)