Amplifier 2/11/16

Herbie Hancock – Watermwelon Man
Ghostnaught ft Raw Collective & Substantial – Masters Combinations
Group Five – Urban Runoff*
Paige Julia – Together*
Rousseau – Sugar Plum*
Lee Fields & The Expressions – Special Night
community notices; various soul instrumentals
WHIM – Alpine Metaphor*
Alex Cameron – Mongrel
Barry Fantoni – Little Man In A Little Box
GRIZ – Blue Vervain
Kool Moe Dee – Go See The Doctor

The Nudge – Dark Arts*
The All Seeing Hand – Swarm*
Banks & Steelz – Anything But Words
Glass Animals – Season 2 episode 3
Louis Baker – Fade*
Flume & Chet Faker – Drop The Game
Clap Clap Riot – All About The Weather*
The Chills – Double Summer*
Bluesinger – If I Know Jah
Tommy Guerrero – As The Sea Holds Creatures Vast And True
Twig Pigeon ft Vanessa Stacey – Monsters*

The Flaming Lips – The Castle
Othersun – Fox*
Sasha Vee – Feels Good*
Oval Office – Layback*
Home Brew ft Loui Tuiasau & Lucky Lance – Everybody*
The Hempolics – Serious
Quantic ft Alice Russel & Combo Barbaro – Su Susy
activity guide; Will Sessions – various
Fanfikk – SF Rose*
Louis Jordan – Barnyard Boogie
The Olympians – Sirens Of Jupiter
Glass Vaults – Sojourn (Nik Brinkman rmx)*