Amplifier 22/5/17

Prequel – Walken
Sweep – Ready To Dance*
Lord Echo – Woah! There Is No Limit*
Billy Brooks – Fourty Days
Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman (Dez-I-Kue rmx)
community notices; 6th Borough Project – McLovin’
Franl Booker – Unoiversal Drive*
Modern Artifacts – Do Do Wop Is Strong In Here
Pickle Darling – Mouthful*
David Dallas – Fit In*

Paul Cathro – Like The Time*
Day Glo Rocks – Sea Change*
Spawts – Weatherbomb*

interview with Midge Murray ft the 2017 NZ Art Show @ TSB arena

Kane Strang – My Smile Is Extinct*
JStar ft Soom T – Stand To Order
K+Lab ft Melowdownz & Mustafa Akabr – Pull Up*
Boca 45 ft Louis Baker – Soul On Top*
Pelorouse – Alive*
Aio – The Music*

David Adison – Deadfish*
EWH – Perception*
Nat Rose – Peachie Poo*
Wurl Series – Rip KF*
Bediquette – Bluebooking*
The Frightnrs – Gonna Make Time
Glen Hansard – Lowly Deserter
activity guide; Al Hirt – various
9-5ers ft Slavani – Same Sky*
Moon Landing – Pseudoephedrine*
Bye Bye Fishies – Frugali-Tehe (rmx)*
Lake South – Cost Of Living*
T.King –*