Amplifier 23/3/18

Duff Disco – Grand Master Duff
Serpentwithfeet – Bless Ur Heart
Bright Music – Miracles*
P Money & Gappy Ranks ft Sid Diamond – Baddest (Rmx)*
Onono – Pickup Point
Lion Rock – Rude Boy Rock
Ty Taylor – Cha Cha Twist
community notices; Jimmy Smith – various
Lawrence Arabia with Tiny Ruins – Everythin’g Minimal
Jess B ft Rubi Ru – Take It Down*
Sweep – Kotahi*

interview with Aaron Blackledge & Christine Loiten for Fluster Cluck: A Chaotic Curation Of Cabaret And Other Such Entertainment @ Gryphon Theatre for Fringe 2018

ooOOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls – Be On Though
Amerigo Gazaway – Sex, Love & Money
Iva Lamkum – Doo Bop*
Mooqee – Jazz Talkin
Scott Mannion – You Are The Substitute
Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Cut Chemist ft Edan & Mr Lif 0 Storm

-The Vault-
Headless Chickens – Donka (1988)

interview with Claire Bowden from Mandatory re relocation & sale

La Luz – California Finally
Estere – Rent*
activity guide; Admin – various
Lake South – I Live Here Now*
Makeness – Stepping out Of Sync
The Skull Eclipses ft Baba marie & Felicia Douglas – Pillars
Coco Solid – Valima*
Prince – Starfish & Coffee