Amplifier 24/5/19

Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise
Grace Jones – Walking In The Rain
Simloco (NZ) – Seaweed ft. Jinz Moss
Yukon Era – Knife Skies
Trinity Roots (NZ) – Longs I For You
community notices; Twinset (NZ) – Happy Conga
Belphegor (NZ) – Please
Mantronix – Got To Have Your Love
Clicks (NZ) – Bizzy Living
Kahika – What You Want
Gangster Phanny (NZ) – Magic Potions
Scott Mannion (NZ) – Do It For You

interview with Brad From Creme Jean re debut LP ‘Creme Emporium’

Creme Jean (NZ) – Bummer
George Young – The Devil
North Shore Pony Club (NZ) – Overload
A.U.R.A (NZ) – The Winged Heart
bKIDD (NZ) – On A Wave
Ghost Note – Milkshake
Blair Parkes And Cardigan Bay (NZ) – Dig For Water
Jack Berry (NZ) – LUV

interview with Lake South re. new single ‘South Coast’

Lake South (NZ) – South Coast
Zuke (NZ) – Galactic Outlaw
activity guide; Duff Disco – various
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Microscopic God
Moana And The Tribe – Tu
Mz. Pat – I Hold the Key
Claude Fontaine – Strings of Your Guitar