Amplifier 25/7/18

Nicolas Jaar – A Time For Us
Fabulous/Arabia – Henry (NZ)
DJ Shadow – Monosylabik
Jungle – Happy Man
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
community notices; Scientist – various dubs
Emerson Snowe – Sunlight
Dudley Benson – (Glad I’m) Not a Kennedy (NZ)
Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Vincent H L – Yeeeaahh (NZ)

Eden Mulholland – Wild Animal (NZ)
James Brown – Good Good Lovin’
Lala Lala – Destroyer
Jaggers x Lines – Soft Little Lights (NZ)
oDus – Dutty
Grover Washington Jnr – Mister Magic
Kody Nielson – Christopher’s Birthday (NZ)
Betty Bibbs – Pounds of Soul
The Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone By (NZ)
Horn – Greedy Bitch (NZ)

-The Vult-
Young Hellions – Sympathetic Magic (2014) (NZ)

Seva HiFi ft Suheir Hammad – Mic Check (NZ)
Proviant Audio – Who’s Got Soul
Ruxell – Zona Oeste
Marz – Womai Collective
7 Samurai – Brothers
Cullen Omori – A Real You
activity guide; Will Sessions – various
The Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love
Pharcyde – Runnin’
The Goon Sax – Make Time For Love
Vera Ellen – Inferno (NZ)
Formatz – Too Close (NZ)