Leon Spencer – Message From the Meters
John Lemon – Something True (NZ)
Tunes Of I – Reflections (NZ)
Jess B ft Rubi Du – Take It Down (NZ)
A.U.R.A feat. Denise Hoppur – G.I. Wonder (NZ)
community notices; Pretty Lights – various
ONONO – Pickup Point (NZ)
L.A Mitchell – Blessed Be (NZ)
Roy G And The Bivonators – OB1 (NZ)
Ladi6 – Outta Time (NZ)

Speakeasy Sideshow – Golden Eye (NZ)
Harbour City Electric – Red Pepper (NZ)
The Nudge – Yesterday’s Blues (NZ)
Nicholas Franchise ft Anna – Like Each Other (NZ)
Team Dynamite ft Che Fu – Coconut Lime (Uncle Silverback Jazz rmx) (NZ)
Lord Echo ft Leila Adu – Molten Lava (NZ)
Estere – Nomads (NZ)
The Mint Chicks – Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (NZ)
Snapper – Buddy (NZ)
JJUUJJUU – Zionic Mud

-The Vault-
Barb – Leo (NZ) (2012)

The Chills – Pink Frost (NZ)

interview with Ben James from Museums Wellington ‘Burning Up The Year’

Quince Concerve – Ride The Rain (NZ)
Tom Thumb – Ludgate Hill (NZ)
activity guide; various inst.
Janine – Too Late (Samaran rmx)(NZ)
Ivy Red – Absent (NZ)
Mermaidens – Fade (NZ)
French For Rabbits – Your Halo (NZ)
Edgar – Quizz (NZ)