Amplifier 3/8/18

DJ Raw Sugar – Ghetto Woman (Gazeebo’s Soul Train mix)
DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges – Liberated
Pacific Heights ft Shaan Singh – So Love (NZ)
Fabulous/Arabia – Henry (NZ)
Yes King ft Prezident Brown – Tomorrow Is Another Day
Lord Echo – Terabu (NZ)
community notices; De La Soul – Stakes Is High (inst)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Trickle Down (NZ)
Ill Baz, Melodownz and Raiza Biza ft TEEKS – Live Stream (NZ)
LEYYA – Wannabe
Jon Lemmon – Something True (Eastern Bloc Remix) (NZ)
Loose Tooth – You Say
Bailey Wiley – Lady (NZ)

interview with Boby Brazuca for Latinaotearoa LP release party @ Laundry Bar 3/8/18

Latinaotearoa ft Laghton Kora – Skyy, Can You Feel Me (NZ)
Swallow The Rat – New Cross
Bad Friend – Mollie (NZ)
Yoko-Zuna – Chunky Munky (NZ)
Frank Booker – Universal Drive (NZ)

-The Vault-
Look Blue Go Purple – Cactus Cat (1986) (NZ)

The Avondale Bowling Club – Years Gone By (NZ)
Ray Camacho And The Teardrops – Caballo Negro
Dictaphone Blues – Bang Bang Bang (NZ)
Death Grips – Billy Not Really
Rom MC – Mission Impossible
The Nextmen ft Dynamite MC – Round Of Applause
Si*Se – Bizcocho Amargo
activity guide; Duff Disco – Dusty
Cullen Omori – A Real You
Black Uhuru – What Is Life
Fanfickk – Cotton Candy (NZ)