Amplifier 30/6/17

Jeremy Glenn – DRiving At Night
Erith – Weak*
The Roots ft Music Soulchild – Break You Off
Jackie Tar – Rovin’ Journeyman
PJ Harvey – A Dog Called Money
community notices; Isaac Hayes – various instrumentals
Ghostnaut ft Raw Collective & Jinz Moss – Sleeping Giants
Israel Starr – Easy Feeling*
Everything Is Recorded ft Sampah – Close But Not Quite

Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi
South City Sushi Cop – Bad Blocks*
Best Bets – All Roads Lead Back*
B-52’s – Girl From Epanema Goes To Greenland
Hawaiian Maiden – Once Were Warriors Theme*
Bella Kalolo – Without The Paper*
Dusty Springfield – Spooky
Nextmen ft Dynamite MC – Blood Fire
Mermaidens – Satsuma*
GRiZ – Sometimes The Truth Don’t Rhyme
Billy Cobham – Stratus (Reflex revision)
Leyya – Zoo
Average White Band – Stop The Rain
Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock This Funcky Joint

Edie – Helix*
Lips – Hold Up*
Beastie Boys – High Plains Drifter
The Clean – Tally Ho!*
Algiers – Cleveland
The Clash – Magnificent Seven
Team Dynamite ft Laughton Kora – Marvin (Beam Me Up)*
activity guide; Duff Disco – various
Full Moon Fiasco – Diamond Dancer*
Reality Chant ft Raggadon – Love vs War*
UNKLE ft Mark lenegan & Eska – Looking For The Rain
Disasteradio – Oh Yeah*