The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Strange Games And Things
Jinz Moss (NZ) – Time
James Brown – Funky Drummer (DJ Day mix)
Sharon Van Etten – Seventeen
DJ Shadow – Blood On The Motorway
Snitch Jimmy (NZ) – Parrot
Beat Rhythm Fashion (NZ) – One Percent
Randy Crawford – Street Life
BIB KIDS (NZ) – 100 Degrees
Seva HiFi – Mic Check ft Suheir Hammad
James Blake – Barefoot In The Park ft Rosalia
The Frightnrs – Nothing More To Say

interview with Ursula Le Sin re. Newtown Fest

Ursula Le Sin (NZ) – Ballet Moves In A Hot Tub
Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) – On The Sea
Max Frost – Paranoia
Minimatic – Owner Of A Boogaloo Heart
Julia Jacklin – Pressure To Party
Lydia Cole (NZ) – The Sacred
DOG POWER (NZ) – Come Back To Paris

The Vault – w/ Harri Robinson
Street Chant (NZ) – Yr Philosophy (2010)

Stef Animal (NZ) – Ducks
DBLDBL (NZ) x TrapJaw Kelpie (NZ) – Bumpy feat. Piki Tanguru
Rhys Rich (NZ) – Valentine
The Clean (NZ) – Fish
Pickle Darling (NZ) – Happy Together
The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom
Public Enemy – Louder Than A Bomb
activity guide; various electro
LFO – We Are Back
Wurld Series (NZ) – Nap Gate
Lumen Craft – Stranger
Grove Roots (NZ) – Mo Ake