Amplifier 9/3/18

Dj Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect In A Perfect World
Astro Children – Beneath The Visible Surface*
Beshken – Fruit
The Shades – Liquid Situation*
The Datsuns – Blacken My Thumb*
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Can – I’m So Green
Dominic Tourettes Hoey, Gemma Syme & Nick Harte – Hotel Room
Richard Dada – Rose Quartz
The Skull Eclipses ft BabbaMaraire & Felicia Douglas – Pillars
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Never Moving*

interview with Electrika Zoo playing Pramid Club, EscVelosity(Featherston) & Leeroys

Electrika Zoo – Show Me Your House Moves (live)*
Tuneyards – Heart Attack
Tonu Njoku – Remain Calm
Cobras – Restless
Transistor – All You Remember*
Tribe Called Quest ft Busta Rhymes – Dis Generation
Groeni – The Pharmacist*
Thought Creature – Talk In Tounges*

-The Vault-
Dictaphone Blues – Cliche (2011)*

interview with A Little Bit Off for ‘Beu & Aero’ @ Te Auaha for Fringe 2018

L.A.B. – RThe Watchman*
Smerz – Half Life
Hopetoun Brown – Put It Down
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Makeness – Stepping Out Of Sync
Scott Mannion – You Are The Substance
Hockey Dad – I Wanna Be Everybody
By A Damn Sight – Hand Of God*