Amplifier Show 19/6/20

Deniz Kurtel – Best Of (Denizs Freestyle version)
The Orb – Super Soakers
Mousey (NZ) – A Lifelong Pursuit
Alae (NZ) – All Gived Up
Fly My Pretties (NZ) – The Watchman
Brockaflower (NZ) – Simply
Randa (NZ) – Thrasher
Underworld – Bells + Circles ft Iggy Pop
The Rothmans (NZ) – Omakau
LILTH (NZ) – Beach Mum
Imugi ??? (NZ) – Paradise
Salmonella Dub – Watching It Rain

The Black Seeds – One By One
Rory Storm (NZ) – silverpXE
Che Fu (NZ) – Rain On The Roof
Average White Band – Stop The Rain
Missy Elliot – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
Can – She Brings The Rain
A Tribe Called Quest – Go Ahead In The Rain
Green Grove (NZ) – Silently
HEX (NZ) – Witches of the Hex
Caroline Easther (NZ) – Anything For You
About The Deadlines (NZ) – Savages
Your Indigo (NZ) – Glass Cloud
Dub Connection (NZ) – All the Goodness (Jet Jaguar Mix)
Skux (NZ) – Kudis

T. G. Shand – Golden Hour (NZ)
OLD LOAVES (NZ) – Hounds
Dawn Diver (NZ) – Warming to You
Mahi Powwow (NZ) – Mothers Womb
Canopy Layer (NZ) – Branches
Unmap (NZ) – Etude No.3 (Waiting)
Abraham Kunin (NZ) – Dream (Funhouse intro)
Coco Solid (NZ) – Architecture
Jonathan Bree (NZ) – Sleepwalking
Nadia Reid (NZ) – I Will Never Cut My Ties