Amplifier Show 11/12/19

Ramon Morris – Sweet Sister Funk
Cartel Madras – Goonda Gold
Desert Sessions – Crucifire
Dawn Diver (NZ) – Warming to You
Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)
community notices; Outkast – Mainsteram (Instrumental)
O & The Mo (NZ) – Supermarket Kings
Flex Webster (NZ) – Boogie Shoes ft. Jewels
Allan Rayman – Stitch
Superorganism (NZ) – Everybody Wants To Be Famous
Mzwetwo (NZ) – Young Stunna
Secrets of The Sun (NZ) – Suffer With The Moon

Fat Freddy’s Drop (NZ) – Pull The Catch
Upper Hutt Posse (NZ) – Can’t Let It Be
dharmarat (NZ) – Chokin’ Up
Tippa Lee – Dancehall Ram Up (prod. Naram) (NZ)
Demolition Man – Big Up
Lizzo – Truth Hurts
Raiza Biza – Runner feat. Baro
SOAP (NZ) – Lets Go to Work
ONONO (NZ) – Fontelina
Iguana Death Cult – Nature Calls
Ska Cubano – Natty No Dead (Sammy No Dead)
Tunes of I (NZ) – Get Up
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – Electric Universe

Bec Sandridge – Stranger
Repulsive Woman (NZ) – Relief
Skymning (NZ) – Underground
Salad Boys (NZ) – This Issue
Michael Franti + Spearhead – A Little Bit Of Riddim
Richter City Rebels (NZ) – Comin’ For Ya
French for Rabbits (NZ) – Middle Of The House
Claudia Jardine (NZ) – Erase Me
A Band Called Success (NZ) – Swoonwalk
FKA Twigs – Sad Day
The Teskey Brothers – Rain