Amplifier Show 11/3/20

Orchestra Lissanga – Okuzua
Baby Zionov (NZ) – Extract From Truth
Giantess (NZ) – The News
Free Nationals – Eternal Light feat. Chronixx
Dera Meelan (NZ) – Fire Sale feat. Deadforest and Church
Ryan Fisherman (NZ) – The Price
FOLLOWER (chc) – Whakakahu
Nat Lover (NZ) – Tuapapa (feat. Raiza Biza)
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) – Kereru
Lizard Prom (NZ) – Betty Goes To Hell
Dick Move (NZ) – Jerk
Fly My Pretties (NZ) – Champion
Vanguard One (NZ) – Undone

FRINGE: Charmaine Huges for ‘She’ @ Fringe Bar

Oakley Grenell (NZ) – Serious Time Feat. Rayjah45
DJ Vadim VS Fat Freddy’s Drop – Pull The Catch
Wayvee (NZ) – Initiation
Ernie Ruso (NZ) – George
Haz and Miloux (NZ) – Enough
DiCE (NZ) – I Wanna Know
SLOW RAGE (NZ) – Small World
Crap Date (NZ) – 600 Abs
Lord Echo (NZ) – Digital Haircut

Grove Roots (NZ) – Kei Hea Te Aroha

interview with Bailey Wiley re 121 Festival

Bailey Wiley (NZ) – Sugar (feat. Melodownz)
Tami Neilson (NZ) – Dynamite
activity guide; Al Hirt – various
Adelaide Cara – Mary, I Think You Should Know
Beacon Bloom – Little Kingdom
Dictaphone Blues (NZ) – In Your Sleep