Lee K Kelsall – On The Road (Matt Fear rmx)
Wendy House (NZ) – Lord Denim
Imugi ??? (NZ) – Be Here Soon
The Butlers (NZ) – Why Do I Keep Going Back?
Tami Neilson, The Broadsides (NZ) – No Good For My Soul (Live Recording)
TAL (NZ) – Again
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) – Hounds Of Hell feat. Nadia Reid
Deaf (NZ) – Dead End
Death and the Maiden (NZ) – Ooooh Baby in the Chorus
Covid Colab – 3 Glass Mountain
Wayvee (NZ) – Waiting
Cootie Cuties – Freebleeder

My Baby (NZ) – Mounaiki

iv with Zech Walters of Woodlock for new EP ‘Collateral’

Woodlock (NZ) – Superhero
The Invisible – Love Me Again ft Anna Calvi (Chaos in the CBD remix) (NZ)
Desktop – Little Mouse
Green Grove (NZ) – Final Fantasy
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Silly Citi
OLD MAN PINE (nz) – Drag Pack BC
Clicks (NZ) – We’ll Be Fine (Extended Mix)
A.C. Freazy (NZ) – Alien

Lou’ana (NZ) – Feel This
I.E. Crazy (NZ) – Praying Mantis
L V J (NZ) – Bored
activity guide; Ernie Russo (NZ) – various
H4LF CAST – Rusty Fan
STELLARIZE (nz) – Travelling On
TOI (NZ) – TOI – Thinking Too Much