Visioneers – Jungle Green Outlines
N1ghtmar3cat (NZ) – Wayward Warrior
Mermaidens (NZ) – Soft Energy
Mr Williamz – My Heavenz
Nina Simone – Baltimore
Augustos Pablo – Islington Rock
community notices; Jimmy Smith – varous
The Adults (NZ) – Bloodlines
Meg Theron (NZ) – Stargazing
Anna Coddington – The Saint
King Sweeties (NZ) – Let’s Just Stay In Bed
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) – I Seek Misery
Canopy Layer (NZ) – Branches
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) – Look Me In The Eyes

Mr Ott – Walk N Talk
Montoya – Perla
Nathan Hanes (NZ) – Lady J ft Dei Hamo
Ray Camacho + The Teardrops – Si Si Puede (LOA rmx)
Sola Rosa (NZ) – Turn Around ft Iva Lamkum
Team Dynamite (NZ) – Marvin (Beam Me Up) ft Laughton Kora
Supremes – You Can’t Hurry Love
Vasili (NZ) – Les Imbesiles Dansent
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) – Brother Sun ft Kimbra (Rodi Kirk + Aaron Ottignon version)
Bo Saris – She’s On Fire
Jimmy + Johnny – I Can’t Find The Door Knob
The Nudge (NZ) – Moving In You
Fat Freddys Drop (NZ) – Bohannon

I.E. Crazy (NZ) – The Slow Weight
Ludus – Next Thoughts
Chances Are – Dining Room
A Girl Named Mo (NZ) – Round Two
activity guide; Duff Disco – various
FREEZING WORKS (NZ) – ’93 Hot Fuzz (Live)
Queen’s Cup (NZ) – Tongue
Team Dynamite (NZ) – Lightning Bolt feat. Bailey Wiley
Blush Juliet (NZ) – Slide Into View