Amplifier Show 18/11/19 brought to you by the beautiful businesses of Eva & Leeds St

Four Tet – Love Cry
Jonathan Bree (NZ) – Waiting On The Moment
Randa (NZ) – Toughen Up
Creme Jean (NZ) – Dirty Dogs
DARTZ (NZ) – Elastic
Harbour City Electric (NZ) – Busy City
Messe Julligan (NZ) – Liquid
Tape Wolves (NZ) – Mysterio
Dick Whyte – What Kind Of Bird Am I
Church and AP (NZ) – Hello Hello
Death and the Maiden (NZ) – River Underground
FKA Twigs – Sad Day
Missy (NZ) – Storm
Yayne (NZ) – Lo-fi Lullaby

interview with Young Ghost re pre-release party @ Valahalla 20/11/19

Anecdata (NZ) – You Can be David Bowie
Corduroy (NZ) – Loose Ends
Dead Famous People (NZ) – Looking At Girls
Green Grove (NZ) – Silently
Solo Ono (NZ) – Karma
The Black Seeds (NZ) – Better Days

The Happy Plaster (NZ) – We Survive
Dead Little Penny (NZ) – Talk Slow Goth
JStar – Stand To Order ft Soom T.
Ronny Hammond + The Funkee Neanderthals – Mistadobalina
Jullekke (NZ) – 444
Scalper – Rooks Ravens Magpies Crows
Iguana Death Cult – Nature Calls
Fat Freddy’s Drop (NZ) – Kamo Kamo
Cartel Madras – Goonda Gold
Edie (NZ) – Another Bear
Finn Johansson (NZ) – All Of The Time Not At All
The Teskey Brothers – Rain