Amplifier Show 20/5/20

Grover Washington jr – Knucklehead
Newtown Rocksteady (NZ) – Shaker Maker
taipei teahouse (NZ) – Camouflage
The Flaming Lips – My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
MyEARS (NZ) – Deadlift
Wurld Series (NZ) – The Bend
community notices; Twinset (NZ) – Central Paleau
Salmonella Dub – That Easy
Blue River Baby (NZ) – Blackyard Town
Seth Haapu (NZ) – All For You
Kingsland (NZ) – The Motto

Bad Timing (NZ) – 100% Pure (Clean Edit)
Moana And The Tribe – Tu
Mark de Clive-Lowe (NZ) – The Silk Road
Black Minnaloushe (NZ) – Makin’ It
Skegss (NZ) – Spring has sprung
Yoko-Zuna and MeloDownz (NZ) – Take Me To Your Leader
Brockaflower (NZ) – Arched
Daniel Hayles (NZ) – We Are Restless
Open Souls (NZ) – What Would You Do?
DiCE (NZ) – Back In The Day
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Astonishing Comet
Junus Orca (NZ) – Side Caller
Borrowed CS (NZ) – 100,000

Borrowed CS (NZ) – 100,000
The Label Club – Don’t You Know Who I Am
Flex Webster (NZ) – Boogie Shoes ft Jewels
L.A.B. (NZ) – I Don’t Wanna Know
Backseat Arsonists (NZ) – Former Human
activity guide; Ernie Ruso (NZ) – various
Mara TK (NZ) – Anyone Here (Sinbad rmx)
Gold Medal Famous (NZ) – Sleep Sleep Fall Away
Dana Eclair (NZ) – John and Henry