Amplifier Show 23/7/20

Kruder + Dorfmeister – Black Baby
Schoolly-D – Its Krak
Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love
Blu Fish (NZ) – Fresher
community notices; Amerigo Gazaway – various

iv with Partiszn re Late Nights Vol1 @ Pow Wow Room

Tiki Taane (NZ) – Now This Is It

The Beths (NZ) – Future Me Hates Me
DJ Food – Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ mix)
Tunes of I (NZ) – See It Right
Grand Master Mahi (NZ) – E Ihowa Atua (WAEWAEMAHI)
Bailterspace (NZ) – Things That We Found
Heavy (NZ) – Goin’ In
Trinity Roots (NZ) – The Dream

Transistor (NZ) – live to air acoustic(ish)

Transistor (NZ) – Nothing New
Soft Plastics (NZ) – My World/Your Girl
Lake South – History/Present
CHAII (NZ) – Lightswitch
Alexa Casino (NZ) – Keep Breathing
King Sweeties (NZ) – Lydia
Hummucide (NZ) – Reacher
Covid Colab – 4 Warlocc
activity guide; Duff Disco – various
Jewels (NZ) – Head Above
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – ESP (Telepathy)
Grove Roots (NZ) – Mo Ake