Chapter Three – Smurf Trek (The Revenge Edit)
Milly Tabak – Liven Up The Night
Unmap (NZ) – One
Salmonella Dub – Weherua Po (Live with the NZSO)
The Black Seeds – Love Is A Radiation
50OK (NZ) – For A Girl
Adore, 1996 (NZ) – Hounds II
community notices; Twinset (NZ) – Central Plateau
Bella Cajon (NZ) – Hols On
FKJ – The Twins
Bailey Wiley (NZ) – iCU
French Concession (NZ) – Never Ever

Lucky Jim – Track One

iv with Donnie from Spook The Horses re. New LP + tour

Spook The Horses (NZ) – Cell Death
Troy Kingi (NZ) – Aztechknowledgey
Green Grove (NZ) – Soma
Wilton (NZ) – Guilty Party
Dead Little Penny (NZ) – Urge Surfing

interview with Florian Habicht re DocPlay online platform

The Chills (NZ) – I Love My Leather Jacket
activity guide; Ernie Ruson (NZ) – various
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – ESP (Telepathy)
Team Dynamite (NZ) – Dragonfruit feat. Louis Baker
PollyHill (NZ) – Rare View feat. LB
Name UL (NZ) – Red Eye
Wiri Donna (NZ) – Wandering Willies
Transistor (NZ) – Nothing New