Amplifier Show 9/4/18

Lindstrom – Another Station (Todd Terje edit)
Ha The Unclear – Wallace Line (NZ)
The Sahara All Stars Of Jos – Take Your Soul
Onono – Pick Up Point (NZ)
Leisure – Moonbeam (NZ)
The Nudge – Moving In You (NZ)
community notices;
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Thomas Barlett + Nico Muhly – Dominic
Cocoa Tea – Moving On
Transistor – All You Remember (NZ)

David Dallas – Fit In (NZ)
Caroline Says – I Tried
Team Dynamite ft Che Fu – Coconut Lime (Uncle Silverback Jazz rmx) (NZ)
KTN – Downlow(d) (NZ)
Bella Kalolo – Anything Ya Need (NZ)
The Shaks – Follow Me
Adi Dick – Echo Space (NZ)
Lucky Brown – The Fresh One
Astro Children – Beneath The Visible Surface (NZ)
Sorceress – Teacups (NZ)
Special EFX – Speak To Me (DTTB rmx)
Trinity Roots – Egos (NZ)
Tony Njoku – Remain Calm
Marlon Williams – Beautiful Dress (NZ)

Ota – The Look Of Love (NZ)
Baba Israel – Experience
Coyote 888 – I Summoned a Demon (NZ)
Meklit – Memories of The Future
Buju Banton + Garnett Silk – Complaint
Hockey Dad – I Wanna Be Everybody
KRS One – Step Into A World
Lord Echo – Rhythm 77 (NZ)
activity guide; Twinset – various*
Lake South – I Live Here Now

-The Vault-
Psyche Tigers – Post-Romanticism (NZ)

Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush
Richard Dada – Rose Quartz (NZ)