Amplifier Show 8/8/19 brought to You by El Culo Del Mundo

DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Line pt4
MYNN (NZ) – Under my Wing
Beacon Bloom (NZ) – Rocket
Sampa The Great – Final Form
N e w p e p s i 9 5 (NZ) – A l l a l o n e o n t h e a r c t i c I c e
Huia (NZ) – Makereti
Reality Chant – Future Navigator ft. Israle Starr
Curly Jewels (NZ) – Absentee
HIGH HOOPS (NZ) – Keep Your Love Close
Jullekke (NZ) – 444
Louis Baker (NZ) – Black Crow
Headless Chickens – Ghost Of Some Cold Street

interview with Simon fron Enjoy Gallery & artist Wai Ching Chan re ‘Wishing Well” exhibit

Ed Waaka (NZ) – War On The Street
Earth to Zena (NZ) – Abiogenesis
Ed Waaka (NZ) – War On The Street
Soaked Oats (NZ) – Don’t Chew
SPAWTS (NZ) – Blue Light Devil
Anna Tijoux – Shock
Lou’ana (NZ) – Summer In May

AJA (NZ) – Non-Handler
Clicks (NZ) – We’ll Be Fine (Magik J Remix)
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Astonishing Comet
Allan Rayman – Stitch
My Baby (NZ) – Mounaiki
Secret Knives (NZ) – Snuff
Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone – Feeling Good
activity guide; Will Sessions – various
Ha the Unclear (NZ) – Julius Caesar
Sacha Vee (NZ) – Hey Sugar (Bagar aka Tricky D remix)
Secret Knives (NZ) – Snuff
Amnesia Jones (NZ) – What Escaped Me When
Leon Bridges – That Was Yesterday