Amplifier Show btyb Tuatara Temple Of Taste 25/8/20

78 Edits – I’ll Be True
Astro Children (NZ) – Gaze
The All Seeing Hand (NZ) – Cro-Magnon Corp
Aaron Nauer (NZ) – She Dont Want No Love ft. Danny Tawhiti
The Beths (NZ) – Great No One
Astro Children (NZ) – Beneath the Visible Surface
community notices; Horselmat – Right On
Caroline Easther (NZ) – I Believe You Tonight
William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (DJ Day club version)
The Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder
Ladi6 (NZ) – Call You Out

Para – (Sittin On) The Dock Of The Bay
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light
Tippa Lee – Dancehall Ram Up (prod. Naram)
Mzw鴷o (NZ) – You Got It
coyote888 – I summoned a demon
Phodiso (NZ) – The Fall
The Situations (NZ) – PCY’s Everlasting Journey
Monophonics – Bang Bang
Sweep (NZ) – Surfing The Song Of The Sun
Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Fat Freddys Drop (NZ) – Bones
Vasili (NZ) – Te Kari Kotiro
Tiki Taane – Dub Soldier

The Black Seeds – Back To You
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) – Two Free Hands
Katchafire (NZ) – Way Beyond
Reb Fountain (NZ) – Samson
Dick Move (NZ) – Chop!
Flo Wilson (NZ) – Step
Tunes of I (NZ) – The Circle
So Laid Back Country China (NZ) – Them/They
The Phoenix Foundation – The Posh Tiger
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Silli City
Bailey Wiley (NZ) – The Bells