Amplifier Show btyb Tuatara Temple Of Taste 28/7/20

Lord Echo (NZ) – Bohemian Idol (DJ Day’s Chair Bro mix)
Baby Zionov (NZ) – Sudoku Class feat. Chansey
Team Dynamite (NZ) – Dragonfruit feat. Louis Baker
Lake South – History/Present –
The Ill Phonics (NZ) – Deeper
community notices; Grover Washington jr – Mister Magic
Baba Israel – Beatbox Logic
EMF – Unbelievable
Eric B + Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire
MdCL (NZ) – Minnie

Covid Colab – 1 Borne Aloft
Soft Plastics (NZ) – My World/Your Girl

‘What Up In The Sky’ with Hari fromSpace Place/Carter Observstory

CHAII (NZ) – Lightswitch
The Black Seeds – Hey Son (Flash Harry Remix)
Molino (NZ) – Broken Machine
Demolition Man – Big Up
Kashmere Stage Band – Do Your Thing (inst.)
Isaac Hayes – Do Your Thing
Alexa Casino (NZ) – Keep Breathing

The Phoenix Foundation – Hitchcock
Salmonella Dub – Watching It Rain (Live with the NZSO)
The Rothmans (NZ) – Omakau
Secrets Of The Sun (NZ) – Wretched Tracks
King Sweeties (NZ) – Lydia
Randa (NZ) – Ralph The Radical
The Mutton Birds – Small Mercies
activity guide; various soul intrumentals
Supergroove – Next Time
The Chills (NZ) – Warm Waveform
Will McClean – Grow
Covid Colab – 4 Warlocc
Covid Colab – 7 Precipice