James Brown – Cold Sweat
Kashmere Stage Band – Thank You
Unmap (NZ) – One
Tape Wolves (NZ) – Mysterio
Pangaea (NZ) – The Lonely Hours
Imugi ??? (NZ) – Dizzy
community notices; Breakestra – See Sawng
Louis Baker (NZ) – So Lo
Subset (NZ) – Dub Observer
ChristBoy (NZ) – Bad Medication
N1ghtmar3cat (NZ) – Wayward Warrior

iv w Dunk De Funk re ‘Giving Up Food For Funk” @ Tasting Room 25/10/20

The Phoenix Foundation – Through The Woods
The Naenae Express (NZ) – Vegetables
Bailey Wiley (NZ) – The 101 (Prod. Mercy)
Anecdata (NZ) – Just a Car
Ryan Fisherman (NZ) – The Price
Anxiety Club (NZ) – Ginger In The Summer
Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust ft Justin Warfield (La Funk Mob rmx)
Oakley “OG” Grennel (NZ) – Happenin’ ft Switch + J-Dubs
Quantic + Alice Russell with The Combo Barbaro – Here Again

Prince – Play In The Sunshine
KAMALA (NZ) – The Children of Light
H4LF CAST – Rusty Fan
Scheme (NZ) – Night Drive (Feat. Neil Macleod)
So Laid Back Country China (NZ) – Open Eyed
activity guide; Mar-Keys – various
Claudia Jardine (NZ) – Close (I’m in Trouble)
InDuna (NZ) – Black Man Running
Zero Cool (NZ) – Full Buzz