Amplifier Show Tuatara Tuesday 19/5/20

Eddie C. – One With The Stars
The Black Seeds – Black Sunrise
The Chills – Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn
Unmap (NZ) – Frazetta
Sidiku Buari – Anokwar (Truth) (Hide + Smile re-edit)
community notices; Tubbs – Its Love
Wayvee (NZ) – Waiting
Bill Withers – Use Me (Rhythm Scholar mo’ funk rmx)
Robert Glasper – Why Do We Try ft Stokey Williams
Jurassic 5 – Acetate Prophets

Adrienne Fenemor (NZ) – The Boss
The Hifly Ochestra – Sookie Sookie
Shogun Orchestra (NZ) – Maman M’voye Peze Cafe
Trinity Roots (NZ) – Egos
Solaa (NZ) – Eyes Shut ft Scribe + Ladi6
The Beths (NZ) – Great No One
BEACHWARE (NZ) – Respite
Rusheen Bay – Sharon Shannon
Fletcher Valentine (NZ) – Headlights
Soft Hair (NZ) – Relaxed Lizard
The Adults (NZ) – Gisma
Space Above (NZ) – Fall Through

Team Dynamite (NZ) – Coconut Lime ft Che Fu (Uncle Silverback Jazz rmx)
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – How Much
There’s A Tuesday (NZ) – Pinata Head
Crap Date (NZ) – 600 Abs
Julia Deans (NZ) – We Light Fire
Nootropica – HEAT
Lemon Anlime (NZ) – amihsukuF
Sea Mouse (NZ) – Rutherfords
acytivity guide; Duff Disco – various
Ross Go – Supposed To Flow
Ardijah (NZ) – Silly Love Song (Poly-Funk mix)
Eru Dangerspiel – Coq Au Vin