Amplifier Show8/7/20

Incognito – She Wears Black
Tiki Taane – Tangaroa (Razorgang Remix)
The Chills – The Oncoming Day
Mountain Man (NZ) – Easier Said
DARTZ (NZ) – Elastic
Peaking Lights – Marshmellow Yellow (Ital rmx)
Ladi6 – Jacknife
Transistor (NZ) – Nightworm
Alanandalana (NZ) – In Your Arms
Traaps (NZ) – Pinnacles
Acclimate (NZ) – Warlock
Spec Of Dust (NZ) – Intergrated

Crap Date (NZ) – 600 Abs
Naomi Ruth (NZ) – Black Magic
Sidekicknick (NZ) – You Can Now, Fly
Body Beat Ritual (NZ) – Crash Report (Blush Response Remix)
Brockaflower (NZ) – Switchstomp
Sola Rosa (NZ) – Turn Around ft Iva Lamkum
Oakley Grenell (NZ) – Serious Time Feat. Rayjah45
So Below (NZ) – Bone
Seth Frightening (NZ) – Fladada La Fling
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – Prawn Danish
Rhombus (NZ) – Its Like This
Roots Manuva – Fighting For? (rLr remix)
Sam Wave (NZ) – The Best Irregular

So Laid Back Country China (NZ) – Grounded (Lips)
Mothers Dearest (NZ) – RAT KING
Sea Mouse (NZ) – Rutherfords
Groeni (NZ) – Unrest
Thomas Oliver (NZ) – Losin’
Green Grove (NZ) – Silently
Dominic Tourettes Hoey, Gemma Syme and Nick Harte (NZ) – Hotel Room
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Hans Pucket (NZ) – FML
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – Kore Waits In The Underworld