Amplifier w/ Graeme 17-05-16

Tawahinga – Humid Being*
Manuel Darquart – Next Dance*
Jun Kamoda – Re A Gangsta & The African Symphony mix
Kakapo – Guarantee*
Hollie Smith – Make Believe*
Kevin Morby – Dorothy*

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait.
Loretta Lynn/Willie Nelson – Lay Me Down.
Shilpa Ray – Sanitary ipad.
Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus.
Young Fathers – Get Up.
The Commodores – The Human Zoo.
Dimmer – Crystalator.

11 to 12.
Young Fathers – Shame.
Doug E Fresh – The Show.
Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight.
Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.
Alexa Casino – Ashtray With Hair.*
Headless Chickens – George.
The Eastern – Steppin’ Razor.
Electric Wire Hustle – If These Are the Last Days.
David Bowie – Oh You Pretty Things.
Emmy The Great – Where Is My Mind?
Prince – Ballad of Dorothy Parker.
Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better.
Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue.
Dave Mitchell – Rocket Ship Caledonian.*

12 to 1pm.
Kane Strang – It’s Fine.*
Leisure – Nobody.*
Benny’s Videos – I Had a King.*
The Roots – When the People Cheer.
Tom Waits – In Between Love.
Fly Nights – Heady Topper.*
NBOC – Party.*
Lawrence Arabia – The Lake.*
Ills Winter – I See Danger.*
Talking Heads – Burning Down The House.
Dion Lunadon – 1976.*
The Clash – Guns of Brixton.
The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love.