Aevangelist- Ascending into the pantheon
Ignivimous- Thalassaphobia
Nupta Cadavera- Metaphysical cruelty
Blue Hummingbird on the left- Sun/War club
Vasaeleth- All uproarious darkness
Inquisition/Guillotine- Low superiority
Consummation- The great solar hunter
Black Witchery- Destruction of the holy kingdom which spawned the cursed trinity of god
Disma- Sempiternal deformity
Cosmic Putrefaction- The dismal black nothingness
Yesngrin- As flittermice as satans spies
Satanic Warmaster- Dragons egg
Mare Cognitum- Mars (The warrior)
Mayhem- Psychic horns
Tetragrammacide- The prognosticators of trans Yuggothian meta reasoning
Nile- Defiling the gates of Ishtar