Une Misere-Failures
[NZ] Zerstiren-Ley Lines
[NZ] Tainted-Worthless
[NZ] Premature Autopsy-Modus Operandi
[NZ] Human-Outhouse Sniper
[NZ] Numbskull-Daggers
[NZ] Backyard Burial-Catharsis Through Savagery
[NZ] Backyard Burial-Mental Infection
[NZ] Graves-Scorn
[NZ] Graves-Vermin
[NZ] God Awful-Hallow’s Eve
Agnostic Front-I Remember
Circle Of Dead Children-Sleepwalker
Broken Hope-Wolf Among Sheep
Cognizance-A Lesson Through Sickness
Bull Elephant-Corrupted Truth
Woven Man-I Am Mountain
[NZ] Hadees Drudge-No Escape
[NZ] Heterodox-Salt Earth
[NZ] Red Dawn-Death March Of Bataan
[NZ] Intergracia-5111A
Heart Through Sacrifice-Where There Was Grace/The Fallen Prey
Alchemist-Degenerative Breeding
Atomizer-And The Hunt Starts Again
Elizabeth Colour Wheel+Planning For Burial-Whiskey And Wine
Immortal Bird-Saprophyte
Soilent Green-Breed In Weakness
Nekroi Theoi-Simony Of Hollow Christs