w/DJ Nightmare 666 & Adam


INQUISITION  – Desolate Funeral Chant
COUGH – Haunter of The Dark
Bridge Burner – Mantras Of Self Loathing
Bridge Burner – Open Hand/Iron Fist
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats – Remember Tomorrow
Anaal Nathrakh – Powerslave
Vomit Storm (nz) – Maniac
Agent Steel – Agents Of Steel
Conan – Throne Of Fire
Graves at Sea – The Waco
Electric Wizard – Colori Del Buio
CODE – Trace Of God
Coffins – Hellbringer
Bathory – Necromancy
The Oath – Psalm 7
Year Of The Goat – The Key And The Gate
Year Of The Goat – Riders Of Vultures
SETENTIA(nz) – Darkness Transcend
Nails– Life Is A Death Sentence
Unmerciful – Unmerciful
Odiusembowel(nz) – Awaiting Injection
Defeated Sanity official – Into the Soil
Defeated Sanity official – At One With Wrath
Open Tomb(nz) – Abandoned In A Pit