Aevanglist- Aeblisk
Portal- 13 globes
Antediluvian- Indomitable time eater
Origin- Sociocide
Kerasphorus- Disturb the blackest stars
Carnal- Raw human fillets
Dragged into sunlight- To heiron
Relentless Attrition- Asphalt tranquility
Devourment- Fed to the pigs
Witchrist- Adoration of black messiah
Eskhaton- Spacequake
Ogdru Jahad- Empty jehovah
Lucifyre- Svn eater
Skinless- Tug of war intestines
Morbid Angel- To the victor the spoils
Ulcerate- Confronting entropy
Primitive man- Stretched thin
Abominable Putridity- The anomlalies of artificial origin
Suffocation- Tomes of acrimony
Disgorge- Parallels of infinite torture
Melektaus- Quintessence
Dead Congregation- Source of fire
Deiphago- Demonic munitions
Ravager- Naxzgul rising
Ignivomous- Monumental cosmic transgression
Desecravity- Ominous harbinger