[NZ] Hadees Drudge-It’s What I Do
[NZ] Heart Through Sacrifice-Vengeance And Fury/Decimate
[NZ] Curlys Jewels-Blinders
Uriah Heep-Poets Justice
[NZ] Bleed This Earth-The Wake Of Absolution
Exhumed-Ravenous Cadavers
Hjelvik-North Tsar
Pallbearer-The Quicksand Of Existing
[NZ] Disjecta Membra-Lilītu
Fields Of The Nephilim-Reanimator
The Nefilim-Venus (Recomposed Mix)
Type O Negative-12 Black Rainbows
[NZ] Horror Story-Midnight Monstershow
[NZ] Horror Story-Sons Of Hell Island
[NZ] Souls Of Hades-Devils Dead Girls
Moonspell-Funeral Bloom
The Vision Bleak-Kutulu!
[NZ] Grey Skies Over Rapture-Scent Of The Wicked
[NZ] Coffinmaker-Bootlicker
[NZ] Amidst Haze-Resurgence
[NZ] Bowel Rupture-Virus
Paradise Lost-Serenity
Disciples Of Verity-Worthy (feat Jeff Loomis)
Genus Ordinis Dei-Hunt
Council Of The Fallen-Lying In Wait
Lifelong-The Apostate (Act III)
Thou-Spin The Black Circle [Pearl Jam cover]