Anger Management show 21-11-2016

w/ Adam

Verberis (NZ) – Thanatosia
Verberis (NZ) – The Primordial Rift
Stalker Heavy Metal (NZ) – Satanic Panic
Stalker Heavy Metal (NZ) – The Mutilator
Stalker Heavy Metal (NZ) – Shocked to Death
WINTER DELUGE (NZ) – The Negation of Existence (The Cotard Syndrome)
Ulcerate (NZ) – Shrines of Paralysis
Demiurge (NZ) – Rebirth
HERESIARCH (NZ) – Endethraest
Trepanation (NZ) – Rite of Taghairm
BÖLZER (exNZ) – Steppes
Blood of the Moon (Official) (NZ) – Desecrate Upon Thee
MetalTower (NZ) – Futility
Dawn of Azazel (NZ) – Conqueror Throned
King Parrot – Blaze In The Northern Suburbs
Graves (NZ) – Scorn
Excrementory Grindfuckers – Grind It Yourself
Rogernomix (NZ) – Right to Crime
Desecration – Cleaver, Saw and Butcher’s Knife
Numbskull (NZ) – Flaccid Acid
Nile – The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased
Backyard Burial (NZ) – Last Of The Ruthless Cunts
Skuldom (NZ) – Shadowsphere
Unmerciful – Cast To Flames
Hate Eternal – King of All Kings
Baroness – A Horse Called Golgotha
Neurosis – Locust Star
Tyrannic – Funeral

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