Aesthetic Meat Front – Requiem 13 

Nordvargr – At the crossroads of immortality

Arc of Ascent – Black Seed (Arc of Ascent) (NZ) 

Spook the Horses – Counting Days on Bone  (NZ) 

Yarnspinner – The Great Indulgence (NZ) 

Swamp Dweller – Euphoria Lost (NZ) 

Ocultum – Ascending with the fumes of the Dead 

The Ruins Of Beverast – Between Bronze Walls 

1349 – Striding the Chasm 

Marras – Where Light Comes to Die

Kamra – Lantern of Ghostly Unlight 

Ophidian Malice – The Blackest River

Prison of Mirrors – Sigils for the Ritual Exhumation 

Vassafor – D1 Sunya (Void Paradox)  (NZ) 

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