Anger Management w/ DJ Lady Stab 15-07-19

Lunar Funeral – Indian’s Death
Tenebra – Scarlet Woman
Wolf Blood – Procession Of The Witch
Goat Throne – Goat of Misery
Bongripper – Descent
Swamp Dweller – Eighty Twenty (NZ)
Pentagram – Walk In The Blue Light
Mournful Congregation – Whispering Spiritscapes
Black Witchery – Summoning of Infernal Legions
Archgoat – Sorcery and Doom
Behexen – A Sword Of Promethean Fire
Leviathan – Mine Molten Armor
Vassafor – Phoenix of the Malestrom (NZ)
Sinistrous Diabolus – Sleep of the Damned (NZ)